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LED Smart dimming ceiling light YYXDD-3

LED Smart dimming ceiling light YYXDD-3

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The LED smart ceiling lamp is an LED used as a light source and is installed inside the room. The lamp is designed to be flat on the upper part and mounted close to the roof, like being attached to the roof. In the large-scale and high-demand popularization of the worldwide lighting reform in 2012 and with the development of LED lighting, customers have shifted from traditional products to multifunctional and cost-effective lighting products at the same price as ordinary products. In the case of close proximity, intelligent intelligent multi-function LED ceilings have become more and more popular among users. As a high-tech home lighting, LED smart ceiling lamp has the characteristics of low power, low power consumption, small heat generation, long life, good stability and high reliability. It is known as the master of energy saving and environmental protection. [1] 

Core function editing

●Intelligent control

● Different lighting effects match life scenes [1]

●Create lighting effects

●Share lighting effects

●Light and music interaction

● Light helps sleep, seasonal mood disorder treatment and other health-enhancing functions

● Light helps to improve the happiness of dating, dining, fitness and other lighting atmospheres [1]


The control of the switch light, [1] can not only be controlled by the controller, the switch of the manual remote control lamp, but also the control of the time switch light. You can set the time to turn on and off the lights at different times each week. Followed by the control of light, the brightness of light, the warmth of light, the color of light can be continuously controlled manually or automatically. [1] 

share it

LED Smart Ceiling Light [1] The controller has a light effect sharing function, which can be seamlessly connected to the lighting effect sharing online store through wireless broadband, select your favorite from multiple lighting effects, and upload the lighting effects created by the user himself. Go to the online store of lighting effects and share it with the global family. [1] 


Light and emotion are closely related, [1] medical research proves that orange light is more appetizing, LED smart ceiling light [1] through control technology, adjust the proportion of various light color brightness, help users at home such as fitness, dining, parties and dating Keep a better mood when you live in a scene, so that light enhances happiness. [1] 

Lighting effect

LED smart ceiling light [1] has eight kinds of lighting effects, such as living, falling asleep, wake-up, dining, party, love, music, phototherapy, etc. No matter what life scene, no matter what mood, you can choose the right lighting effect. [1] 

Creation [1]

LED intelligent ceiling lamp [1] The controller has the creative function of lighting effects, and the creation software has a friendly interface, which can easily create personalized lighting effects and realize the potential artistic intuition of ordinary users. [1] 

Light and music interaction

LED Smart Ceiling Light [1] Perfectly realizes the coordinated control of light and music, enabling users to feel the art of light and music like a bar, a ballroom or a concert hall at home. [1] 


The sleep mode in the LED intelligent ceiling lamp [1] refers to the scientific sleep light mode, and provides the sleep lighting mode that promotes the secretion of melatonin based on the rate of adjustment of the insomnia light by the existing medical research results. This can help users to fall asleep better. At the same time, light and circadian rhythm are closely related. Professional phototherapy light mode can also help to reduce jet lag, treat insomnia, regulate healthy habits of developing early morning and early morning, and treat seasonal emotional disorders. LED smart ceiling lamps complete the function of light naturally improving health at home. [1] 

Market editor

LED smart ceiling light in the smart space combines the patented technology content, can easily rotate at any angle of 360 ° [1], change the light angle at will.

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